New Book Review: Everything All At Once by Katrina Leno

This book was not on my radar before BEA, but I am so glad I found it…well it found me. The first booth stop on our list for BEA was OwlCrate, cuz they got the swag (and also their line gets to be crazy insanely long as the day goes on). We got to spin a prize wheel, who doesn’t love prize wheels. The answer is no one, there is no one who doesn’t love prize wheels (unless they also hate life). My wonderful prize was Everything All At Once, score for free ARC and double score for the book actually being great.


Lottie’s famous author aunt,  28926581Helen, leaves her 24 letters after her death. Why does Lottie receive these letters? Aunt Helen believes that Lottie will have the most difficulty with her death and also sees so much of herself in Lottie. The letters push Lottie to challenge herself and push through important yet uncomfortable situations, like visiting crowded places and public speaking. It is through fulfilling these letters that Lottie meets Sam, a handsome, yet mysterious guy. She finds herself drawn to him and begins inviting him along on the letter’s challenges. Sam reminds Lottie of her aunt and both seem to have secrets that Lottie wants to uncover.



I truly enjoyed most of this book. This felt like the more realistic version of the 13 Little Blue Envelopes. I wanted to take my time with this book and enjoyed the excerpts from Lottie’s aunt’s book series. I soaked in the beginning of the book. I enjoyed all of the characters. Each was unique and someone I would want to meet in real life. The story was quaint and comfortable, which was why the twist was jarring. The tone of the twist and (trying to stay vague, yet honest) events did not match the rest of the book. It didn’t work for me. I wish the twist could have been something different. I enjoyed everything but that layer of the story. I can see myself recommending this book, reading others by the author, and even take a trip through this novel again. I just wish I could change that one part. I will still give this book much love.



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