Because of Lila by Abbi Glines

Hi All!  It’s Becky and I just the new “Rosemary Beach meet Seabreeze” book by Abbi Glines and I’m here to tell you all about it (warning there may be spoilers).

35276862Lila Kate is the miracle baby of Grant and Harlow Carter.  She is prim, proper, and beautiful just like her mother.  However, Lila Kate’s prim and proper heart has always wanted wild unobtainable Cruz Kerrington. After an interaction that makes her realize she will never win the heart of the man she desires Lila decides to leave Rosemary Beach on an adventure to discover her true self and to try to get over Cruz.  Her first stop is Seabreeze Alabama to visit with her childhood best friend Nate Finlay and his new fiancee Bliss York.  Once in Seabreeze Lila Kate meets Eli Hardy who is handsome, mature, and everything Lila Kate wants to want.  But when Cruz reappears will Lila Kate be able to give up her childhood crush for the possibility of new love or will she follow her heart’s desire back to Rosemary Beach?

Oh, this book…I’m seriously a little seasick because of my swinging emotional reactions to this book.  It had everything I like about Abbi Glines’ books but it also had a lot of what bugs me about Abbi Glines’ books.  When I pick up an Abbi Glines book I am expecting a quick mindless read and that is what I got with “Because of Lila”.  The book is  around 240 pages and took about 3 hours to read which makes it perfect for a good quick fluffy read.  However, this one may be a little too mindless.

The characters are perfectly fine but they are lacking the development to make them great.  Lila Kate is a nice girl who likes to dance but that’s all we know about her, Cruz comes off as a player who is never redeemed like Glines’ male leads usually are and Nate (oh, poor Nate) appears to be a nice guy who the readers is supposed to root for however he also has all the markings of the the guy who will become a doormat in later books.  This plot felt very much like a rehashing of “Because of Low” crossed with “Under the Lights” with Cruz’s hidden past reminiscent of Preston’s secret in “Just for Now”.  We have a seemingly perfect girl who has the option of the seemingly perfect guy but decides to go with the wild bad boy she will try to reform. This plot is not all that unusual in the world of romance stories but it felt under developed.  We don’t know why Lila loves Cruz so much besides we told she does.  Which I think illustrates my issue with Glines recent books, the characters are just not that well developed and the plots feel like retellings of her previous work.  I don’t really care who Lila chooses because I’m not particularly attached to either of her male suitors or her to be quite honest.

Basically, this book is for fans of Glines’ other series.  It reads almost like Sea Breeze or Rosemary Beach fan fiction.  I will admit it was better done then “Just a Memory” with this story’s unnecessary drama thrown in 3/4 of the way through the book to keep our romantic leads apart not coming off as over the top and unbelievable…it was just unnecessary. Plus, I appreciate that Glines is not just pairing off  characters from Sea Breeze with characters from Rosemary Beach to please fan girls.  However, it is those fan girls who are going to devour this story and want more.  New readers and casual readers of Glines previous books are not going to be hooked by “Because of Lila”.  I will keep reading for my dose of drama but I can’t recommend it to new readers.  Instead try “Fallen Too Far” and you’ll see what all the buzz is about.

Final Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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