Kissing Max Holden by Katy Holden

Hi Everyone!  Becky here and I just finished (only moments ago) the new book “Kissing Max Holden” by Katy Upperman which I received as an eARC through Netgalley.

31145039What’s It About: Jillian Eldridge has lived across the street from Max Holden since she was ten years old.  They were best friends and partners in crime until they slowly drifted apart in their teen years.  Then one night Max knocks on Jillian’s window and in a drunken moment (Max not Jillian) they share a kiss.  Now, Jillian is unable to stay away from Max even though Max has a girlfriend and her father forbids them spending time together Jillian needs Max.  As Max deals with the fall out of his father’s stroke and Jillian her parents’ marriage problems they form a connection that neither of them can deny.  Now, Jillian needs to decide if she wants more then to just kiss Max Holden.

The Good: This is the newest book from Swoon Reads (if you don’t know about Swoon Reads and it’s nifty contest check it out here) and it lives up to the swoon worthy promise.  The relationship between Jillian and Max has many dreamy swoony moments filled with them being of them being cute and flirting.  These are the moments that make this book worth reading.  These are the moments of classic YA romance.  Plus, Max is one of those characters.  You know, the type of character with all their baggage and self doubt that just needs the love of a good woman to heal him that I personally love in my romance books.

The Not So Good: There was a lot of family drama in this book which, I get it, is designed to move the plot along however it just became a little too much drama for me.  It seemed like Max’s family issues added to Jillian’s family issues, added to Jillian’s college issues, added to Max’s girlfriend issues seemed a little much for me.  Plus, in the midst of all this drama there were a few moments of Max teeter on the edge of jerky guy that doesn’t really deserve our heroine.  He quickly redeemed himself but there still moments when I wasn’t quite feeling him as a romantic lead.

Bottomline: “Kissing Max Holden” is a solid romance with a dreamy, damaged main character that perfectly fills the role of broody male lead combine with to the swoony romance with it’s sizzling moments “Kissing Max Holden” is a book that will satisfy most teen romance readers.

Final Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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