The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade by Jordan Sonnenblick

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky, again.  When I was planning my Book Expo of America trip one of my top authors to met was Jordan Sonnenblick and I was trilled to meet him and get the ARC for new middle-grade book.

Maverick Falconer has always been the smallest kid in his grade.  He has bullied by his fellow students as well as his mother’s string of bad boyfriends.  But on the night before Maverick starts sixth grade he makes a promise to himself.  Maverick is going to stand up for people smaller than him.  Maverick names himself his class sheriff and starts a mission that has him facing off against bullies, mean vice-principals, and his family’s issues.

There is a reason why Jordan Sonneblick is my go to for tween readers.  When I hand over a Sonnenblick book I know I’m handing out a book with relatable characters and heartfelt situations.  “The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade” is bubbling over with everything I expect in a Sonnenblick book.  Relatable characters? We have a main character who is being picked on with a bad home life including an alcoholic mother, we have a school filled with bullies and teacher who may be mean or may just really care about their students, and we have friends who may not be friends and enemies who may be enemies.  Basically, we have a microcosm of middle school all bundled up in cute cover that any middle schooler maybe able to see themselves within the pages.  But do we have heartfelt situations?  The entire story is about trying to put kindness out into the world and learning to true to yourself while standing up for yourself and others.  It’s the heartfelt situation mashed up with a coming of age story combined with a realistic family drama and basically prefect for middle grade readers.

Bottomline: “The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade” is yet another book from Jordan Sonnenblick that will have mass appeal among male reluctant readers or for any middle schooler trying to discover themselves or find their place in the world.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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