New Book Review: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life: 100+ Ways to Hack Your Look, Love, and Work By Doing (Almost) Nothing! by Jennifer Byrne

Hey all, it’s Sarah!

Are you obsessed with hacks like the rest of the internet (and me)? When I saw this title at BEA, I was totally drawn in. I am a serious sucker for hacks of nearly every variety…even ones I have no reason to use, ever. I was super excited to read this book, I expected a balance between funny and interesting.


Byrne takes on the world one issue at a time, whether it be hygiene, love life, or work, filters it through a lazy girl lens and gives tips for handling it. The author envisions the laziest of the lazy girls (think buy new cloths instead of washing old ones) reading this book and implementing her suggestions. It is truly told through a satirical voice, poking fun at the daily drudgery and instances where women have to step up and be adults.

The concept surrounding this book is perfect. What Millennial doesn’t want ways to make their lives easier? Also, the trend of satirical news shows and the like have been consistently growing. I love satire and regularly watch Stephen Colbert, but this book didn’t work for me. I felt that the satirical tone became stale  after the first few chapters. I feel that there needed to be a better balance between satire and practical tips. The entire book stayed in the satire zone. I would have enjoyed it more if there was satirical fluff surrounding unique/interesting/helpful tips. There were several tips that were useful and interesting, which demonstrated the potential of this book.


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