What We’re Excited About: August Books!

Happy August everyone!  We are approaching the end of the dog days of summer and we have been crazy busy at Bickering Book Reviews trying to get through all of the ARC we got at BEA….which is why we’re a little late this month with the list of our most highly anticipated books of August.  So without any further delay here are our lists:

Becky’s List

Royal Crush by Meg Cabot
Release Date: August 1
I love the spin-off of Meg Cabot’s wildly popular “The Princess Diaries” series.  The series follows Mia’s half sister Olivia as she learns her role as a princess of Genovia.  This time Olivia is torn between going on a school trip or staying at the palace for the birth of Princess Mia’s babies.  Making Olivia’s life more complicated is her newly developed crush on Prince Khalil.  What is a princess to do?

I love Olivia and her journals filled with her doodles are hilarious.  I have high hopes for this one an35584289d I know it won’t disappoint.

Taming the Rebel by Dawn Klehr
Release Date: August 14
Rebel Hart should be home helping her dad get over a broken heart.  She should not be spending her summer being a camp counselor with Justice Brody the boy who’s father left Rebel’s dad devastated.  She shouldn’t be drawn to him and they definitely shouldn’t start a romance.  But it may be too hard to resist.  Um…this book sounds like a sizzling, camp romance which is basically perfect.  I’ve never read anything by Klehr but I am definitely intrigued.

31456593Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowler-Doyle
Release Date: August 8
Olive and her best friend Rose have been losing things.  First small things but now it’s bigger things…important things.  When the two meet a trio strangers who are squatting in an abandoned house they get drawn into their alluring and wild world.  But when they find a old tattered spell book filled with charms they may have found a way to bring back all that they have lost.  I really enjoyed Fowler-Doyle’s “The Accident Season” and this book appears to have the same haunting feel to it.  I am expecting a story filled with mystery and beautiful prose and I don’t think I will be let down.

Sarah’s List

You Don’t Know Me, But I Know You by Rebecca Barrow

Release Date: August 29th


I am always on the look-out for upcoming authors and Rebecca Barrow’s debut has completely peaked my interest. This novel seems to promise cross generational family drama hinged upon a journey of self discovery.

Teen, Audrey, finds out that she is pregnant and as she begins preparing for the baby and grappling with the decision of whether or not to keep the child, she takes a new fresh look on her own past. Audrey was adopted herself and she begins to address her own emotions surrounding this piece of information about herself.

This sounds like an emotional roller coaster and I can’t wait to read it.


How to Disappear by

Sharon Huss Roat

Release Date: August 15th

Vicky deals with issues related to social anxiety. As a way to cope…or deal but not in a healthy way, she photoshops herself into other people’s lives. Online, Vicky cultivates a vivacious outgoing person, who is nothing like her real world self. As her connections to others in the online world begin to grow, she starts to question herself and find that it is important to truly live in the world. This book sounds fascinating and seems realistic. The increase of catfishers out there make this book something that many will be drawn to.

33257478All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

Release Date: August 29th

I am so ready to sink my teeth into a fresh new dystopian novel. Katsoulis’s novels seems to offer that option. This novel is set in a world where words, really any language (body language) cost money. People are expected to pay once they turn 15. Speth has decided to remain silent and buck the traditions of giving a big blowout speech before her birthday. As others around Speth commit horrifying acts because of the debts created by their speech, Speth has decided to avoid debt at all costs.

This sounds like an intriguing world.

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