Royally Endowed and Royally Raised by Emma Chase

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky and I am here to tell you about the newest (and hopefully not last) installments from Emma Chase’s Royally Series.  Now, anyone who reads this blog knows that while YA books are where my heart lays every so often I enjoy a good adult romance.  I was a big fan of the other two books in this series so I had high hopes for the third installment.

Ellie Hammond’s been in love with Logan St. James since her older sister married Prince Nicholas and brought the rough-and-tumble bodyguard into their lives.  However, Logan has stayed away from Ellie trying to protect her innocence and youth.  Ellie is being encouraged to follow her sister Olivia into a privileged happily-ever-after but can she let go of Logan? And will Logan finally go after the woman he loves when he is faced with the possibility of losing her?

This book was just fun which makes the perfect summer read.  Logan was all sorts of dreamy and brooding just like all good male leads in romance should be and Ellie is bubbly and genuine just as she should be.  Unlike some authors in the romance genre Chase always writes wonderfully fully formed characters that feel real and who the reader just likes.  Logan and Ellie definitely fit into this category.  You root for them because you like them and you want them to be happy.  Plus, once they get together their interactions are filled with wonderfully well written sizzle.  The story is fast and fun and definitely worth reading.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

Twenty years after the events in “Royally Endowed” the royal family of Wessco is back.  Henry and Nicholas are now in their fifties.  They are still very much in love with their wives even their children are sometimes major headaches.

I love novellas or short stories like this that revisit characters after their happily ever after.  Henry and Sarah’s story was my favorite in the Royally series and I was thrilled to get  peek into their future happiness.  Plus, now I’m dying for a book about their eldest daughter, Jane, journey to find humility and love.  The only negative of this story is that is definitely for fans of the other books in this series with their not being enough story for new readers.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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