New-ish Book Review: Kiss Me in New York by Catherine Rider

Hello all, it’s Sarah!

My journey with this novel has been an interesting one. I attended SLJTeen Live, which is this awesome online conference presented by School of Library Journal (if you haven’t been, you should). Several of the promotional materials showcased this book along with its cover. I was hooked, this novel is completely in my wheelhouse. I was going to convince Becky to slot it for the vlog and get it all reviewed. I then found out that this book was already released in another country, last year. (whump whump!) Here at Bickering Books, we try to review new or upcoming books (to the best of our ability), so I thought, “Drat! I can’t do anything with this book.” In the end, I read it because I had it. It was after I stayed up way later than I should have to read this book that I realized it was too good not to review.


Charlotte spends a semester in New York, in preparation for her new life as a college student and New Yorker next year. While there, she has an intense and short relationship with a boy from school. He breaks up with her, explaining that their relationship was no big deal because they were just having fun (didn’t she know that). Charlotte feels deflated and distraught by the break up. She is ready to go home to England and doesn’t know if she ever wants to return to the States again. Charlotte’s flight home is set to leave Christmas Eve, but a snowstorm grounds her and she must stay in New York by herself, alone, and sad for Christmas. Charlotte crashes into a self help book about getting over a breakup and another boy who was also dumped for Christmas. Together, Charlotte and Anthony, work through the steps to getting over a breakup all while having zany adventures through New York City.

You had me at zany New York adventures. While I hate the supreme commercial giant that Christmas is, I totally got into the holiday spirit with this book. It felt like the British version of Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares. The story was fast, it was cutesy romantic, and I found myself saying “awww!” at many parts. While it didn’t feel completely believable, who cares it is a great rom com. I will certainly be reading the next book in the series, even if we get it a year after it is published.


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