New Book Review: I Never by Laura Hopper

Hi All!  It’s Becky and I’m here to tell you about a new book that is getting a lot buzz that I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

33098361I Never by Laura Hopper
Release Date: November 7th
Seventeen year old Janey has never had a boyfriend and she has never really wanted one.  But everything changes for Janey when she meets Luke Hallstrom.  Luke is a senior superstar who not only notices Janey but he likes her and wants her.  Janey enters her first relationship with her first boyfriend where she gets to experience many more firsts.

There were so many reasons I liked this book and only a couple reasons I didn’t. “I Never” is a book about a young girl’s sexual awakening.  It follows the story of a girl from her first kiss through losing her virginity and beyond.  The book talks honestly about Janey’s experiences and her insecurities. She is not perfect and she questions why someone would want her.  That part felt very really.  Also, Janey has a realistic reaction to sex.  Hopper doesn’t shy away from talking about all aspects of sex from the emotions to the physical and the possibility of teens wanting to have casual sex.  Characters talk about birth control and enjoying sexual activities.  Yes, at times the book feels a little graphic for teen audiences however there is nothing more graphic than what they can see in the average R-rated movies.  All of this comes together to make “I Never” a book that teen girls are going to want to read.  However, I will admit that “I Never” is not the perfect example of teen lit.  Janey never felt completely developed to me and her love story with Luke felt a little rushed.  Plus, much of the dialog between the characters felt disingenuous.  But, these are issues noticed by an adult reading the book and these issues would most likely not even be noticed by a fifteen year old reader.

Bottomline: “I Never” has some problematic aspects when considering character development and plotting but the novel intended audience will want to devour this book.

Final Rating: 3.5 our 5

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