What We’re Excited About: December Books!

Happy December Everyone!  Can you believe that we are just a few short weeks from Christmas and then it’s 2018?  But before we get to next year here is the last list of books that we are excited about in 2017.

Becky’s List

Breaking the Ice by Julie Cross
Release Date: December 26th
I loved the first book in this series about teens finding love against the backdrop of small town hockey.  It was a flirty, fun, good read and I have my fingers crossed “Breaking the Ice” will delivery a similar good time.  I just got the eARC this morning through Netgalley and it is now at the top of my to-read list.



The Sweetheart Sham by Danielle Ellison
Release Date: December 4th
This is the disclaimer on the official book blurb on Goodreads:

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a hilarious “fakeship,” a scorching-hot impossible relationship, and a heartwarming best-friendship that will make you want to call your best friend right here, right now.
And with those words “The Sweetheart Sham” got added to my “must read it now” list.
All the Wrong Cords by Christine Hurley Deriso

Release Date: December 12th
I truly believe that I have the soul of a musician…I’m just lacking any kind of musical ability. But I make up my lack of rhythm with books and movies about musicians. I especially love stories about damage souls healing through their love of music.  When I found this book about Scarlett who begins to overcome her brother’s sudden death through her participation in a rock band I knew I had to read it.  Plus, I love that cover.

Sarah’s List

December is kinda a novel wasteland. Everything came out last month in time for the holiday season and my TBR shelf for January is bordering 30 books. Even though it isn’t a popular publishing month, Becky and I were still able to find a few titles that interest us.

Shadow Girl by Liana Liu
Release Date: December 19th 33913889
Mei gets a job tutoring a rich man’s daughter over the summer. She is excited about the prospect of making money and living in a swankier place. However, not everything is as it seems. Weird occurrences begin occurring within the house and Mei faces something far more mysterious than she bargained for.

I did get an ARC of this through Edelweiss and I am only a few pages in, but the main character is compelling and the story seems to be moving quickly along.


33275690Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills
Release Date: December 5th
I have been seeing this book everywhere. The cover is beautiful and has totally captured my attention. This novel surrounds a production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Main character Claudia must face off against one of the most popular mean girls in her school, for a chance to be in the production. While going through this experience, Claudia makes new friends and finds new potential loves.




Instructions for a Secondhand Heart by Tamsyn Murray
Release Date: December 5th
I was told that this book is a readalike for Fault in Our Stars, but let’s just be honest, everything is connected back to John Green in the YA world (just like everything is connected to Patterson in the adult world). I am still a sucker for the potential of finding a new similar book and the summary has me excited about its possibilities.

Jonny and Neve connect over a donor heart. Neve’s twin brother had to die, so that Jonny could have his heart and live. This isn’t a creepy dystopian book, where people are forced to die, but a realistic fiction novel about survivor’s guilt and grief. I am always about these tragic love stories (in fiction, not real life).

One thought on “What We’re Excited About: December Books!

  1. Marie says:

    Oh this is such a great list of books you have here 🙂 I have read First and Then by Emma Mills and really enjoyed it, I so want to read this book just as well. Plus, the cover is gorgeous 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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