New Book Review: Busted by Gina Ciocca

21825764Title: Busted
Author: Gina Ciocca
Release Date: January 2

Summary: Marisa Palmera didn’t want to be an amateur teen detective but the universe and her best friend’s boyfriend had other plans.  After Marisa catches her BFF’s BF with another girl her snooping skills morph into a business.  The only problem is that Marisa’s new client is her ex-BFF, Kendall, and Kendall’s cheating boyfriend might just be Marisa’s new love interest.

Review: There is a part of me that has always wanted to be super sleuth and “Busted” spoke perfectly to that part.  In “Busted” we are given a sassy heroine who uses her wits to outsmart her less than brilliant classmates.  Reminiscent of a classic Veronica Mars episode, our main character Marisa is put through the ringer as she tries to solve a mystery, sort out her love life, and still be a good friend.  Marisa is joined on her journey of intrigue by her best friend Charlie, her brother Nick, and TJ the possible cheater/possible love all of which manage to be likable while being complex and realistic. The characters’ issues and the nuances of the mystery weave together to create an utterly satisfying conclusion.

Bottom Line: Ciocca crafted an utterly entertaining teen mystery with a dash of romance and pinch of humor that that will draw readers in from it’s excellent opening line.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

I received an eARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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