Book Review: Roomies by Christina Lauren

Hi Everyone, it’s Becky.  My first audiobook of 2018 was the delightfully rom-com-ish “Roomies” by Christina Lauren.  My exceptions were high for the new book by one of my favorite writing duo and this book did not disappoint.

34467909Title: Roomies
Author: Christina Lauren
Format: Audiobook
Summary: Holland Baker has a little obsession…er…crush. For the past few months Holland has gone out of her way to visit the handsome busker at her not-so-local subway station.  She doesn’t know his name but she knows his music and she is taken by his talent.  Holland is so enthralled by this stranger’s playing that when a key part of her uncle’s Broadway musical quits she recommends they hire the beautiful street musician. The only problem is that Calvin (the beautiful musician) is illegally in the country.  But Holland offers up the perfect solution which requires her and Calvin to be joined in holy matrimony.  Now, the two must live together and pretend to be in love except as the weeks turn to months they may not be pretending anymore.

Review: I have a list of authors who’s new books automatically make it to the top of my must read list and Christina Lauren is at the top of that list.  I know when I pick up a Christina Lauren (the combine pen name of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) book I need to be prepared for a fun and steamy good time.  “Roomies” far surpassed any of my expectations.  This is a story of slowly unfurling love with Holland and Calvin’s relationship morphing from strangers, to roommates, to lovers, and finally, true love.  The main characters’ relationship was sweet and realistic and, in it’s final moments, breathtaking.  But this book isn’t just about a crush turned to love.   This book also deals with that moment in your life when you realize you have no idea what you are doing.  Holland has wander off her career path and through her journey into the land of “marriages of convenience” she grows and she finds her footing in life.  Her struggle adjusting to the transition from graduate student to floundering career woman is relatable in a way that makes the character feel like one of your best friends instead of fictional heroine.   However, the real reason to pick up this book is the subtle and, at times, overt humor (a scene later in the book that takes place in a restaurant had me laughing aloud during my morning commute).  These giggle worthy moments are the reason I keep returning to Christina Lauren’s work, the humor they infuse into their romantic adventures move their book beyond the usual romantic fare into must read territory.

Bottom Line: “Roomies” brought laughs and sizzle in equal measure with all of the elements of the book: the sweet love story, the sizzling interactions between Holland and Calvin, and wonderfully humorous moments coming together to make a thoroughly enjoyable story of fate, destiny and musical theater.

Final Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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