Mock Monday: Caldecott

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

This is my first mock selection for Caldecott, which is given to “the artist with the most distinguished American picture book for children” ( If you want more information about the criteria for choosing a Caldecott, you can find out more at this link.

36373618Title: Heartbeat

Author: Evan Turk

Summary: This picture book explores the interconnection between all lifeforms on earth. The reader is first introduced to a whale calf and its mother. The two are sadly separated when the mother is killed. The whale calf then explores the world, encountering a variety of terrible things the humans have done to the ocean. Even though the world seems bleak, there is still hope. A young girl notices the whale and it is with this awareness that the oceans can be bettered.

Caldecott Considerations:

Evan Turk has been making waves within the picture book community with his illustrations, in previous works like Grandfather Gandhi and The StorytellerHeartbeat will be sure to capture the Caldecott community’s notice, with it’s focus on presenting a story through images. There are very few words throughout this work, but their presence enhances the contrasting colors on the page. The deep reds and blues highlight the life-blood of the world, which can be found in both a positive and negative light. Humans are faceless, until they become aware of the world around them and their impact on the oceans. The illustrations enhance the depth of this story.



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