TBR Update: Chasing Truth by Julie Cross

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky.  “Chasing Truth” by Julie Cross has been on my TBR shelf since it was first released in September of 2016.  I actually received an ARC of the book at Book Expo of America in 2017 but didn’t actually read the book until after I read an eARC of the book’s sequel, Hiding Lies, that I received from Entangled (you can read my review of “Hiding Lies” here).   This review is of the ebook edition which I downloaded through Overdrive and all of the opinions are my own.

28220973.jpgTitle: Chasing Truth
Author: Julie Cross
Summary: Eleanor “Ellie” Ames is starting over.  She has left her life with her con artist parents and is now living with her older sister, Harper, and Harper’s Secret Service boyfriend, Aiden.  Ellie has been working hard to fit in at her new fancy prep school and finally feels like she is starting to belong when she befriend Simon, a senator’s son.  But Ellie’s life is thrown into a tailspin when Simon allegedly kills himself.  Now, months later,  Ellie is trying to solve the mystery around Simon’s supposed suicide.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to find out what really happened to her friend even if it means teaming up with new student Miles.

Review: I had an unusual introduction to the world of Eleanor Ames because I read the second book in the series first.  This is something that I never do and after reading “Chasing Truth” I have decided I am going to make this a hard standing rule.  I loved “Hiding Lies”.  I thought the characters were wonderfully well written with quirks and intelligence that made them seem so real that they felt like they jumped off the pages.  These characters are all present in “Chasing Truth” and they are still wonderfully written however they felt slightly off to me as they stumbled to find their footing and develop relationships while trying to solve a mystery. Yet, I know that this is entirely my problem based on the fact that I knew these characters going into the book.  I also knew the basic resolution to the mystery is well plotted but not a surprise if you’ve already read the second book.  The entire book is actually very well done but, again, my reaction was muted because of knowledge from the second book.  So, basically if you’re looking for a well written mystery with smart and interesting characters involved in a slightly dark and twisty whodunits then this is the book for you but please make sure to read the series in order or you may be slightly disappointed like me.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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