Outside Shot by Fred Bowen

Hiya, it’s Sarah!

I am seriously lacking in sports books. I completely freeze when the kids at work ask me for sports recommendations. Sports books tend to make my whiny and complain-y, but with all these fans out there, I have got to beef it up. I have been asking my big sports readers at work for their recommendations, which is how I cam across John Feinstein and this author. Fred Bowen has quite a few children’s chapter books, which are perfect for young Tweens or struggling readers. I made sure to have this book done before BEA, because Bowen was part of the author lunch we went to. He has some new interesting books coming out, and was fascinating to listen to.


Richie is obsessed with being the shooter, or the person in basketball who scores the most. This focus has impacted all of his other skills making him a less than mediocre ball player. Through this novel, he learns the importance of being a well-rounded backetballer, even when you are especially good at one skill. The book then ties the storyline to read-world instances of shooters, as well as their other related skills.


There isn’t much plot to this book. It is very simplistic. It certainly brings in sporting concepts. However, I believe it is through these techniques that the author is able to reach struggling readers. These aren’t baby books, and they don’t make the reader feel dumb. It is a way to bring atypical readers into the fold.



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