ARC Review: Losing the Field by Abbi Glines

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky, again.  I just finished reading the newest “Field Party” book and I am here share all the fun details and my reaction.

36373420.jpgTitle: Losing the Field
Author: Abbi Glines
Note: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: (Warning: There may be spoilers!)Tallulah Liddell has always been the odd one out.  She spent her life, until the end of her junior year, as the fat girl that everyone made fun of…everyone but Nash Lee.  However, when she hears Nash joining in as his cousin ridicules her on the last day of school Tallulah has a break through.  She knows she is going to take control of her life and get revenge on Nash.  The first step is to lose the weight that has been holding her back.  Now, three months later Tallulah is fit and everyone notices her and she is ready to hurt Nash the way he hurt her but the Nash that comes back to school in fall is not the boy that the whole town loves.  The new Nash is broken, physically and emotionally, but Tallulah will not back down from her plan.  However, when the two grow closer they both realize that they may just be perfect for each but their happiness may be cut short by another person’s unwanted attention.

Review: Okay, I will admit it I really enjoy Abbi Glines’ books.  You can read my review for “Because of Lila” here and my review of “Like a Memory” here.  Plus, Sarah and I review the two other books in the “Field Party” series on our Youtube Channel.  Here are the videos:

All of this is just to say: I am very familiar with Glines’s books.  I have read almost everything that she has written and I always enjoy her work but I don’t usually love it and after carefully consideration I think I have finally figured out why.

First, what was good about “Losing the Field”.  This was a classic Glines romance book.  The characters meet have a few interactions and…BAM! They are in love.  Their relationship is fast and unrealistic and I am okay with it because Glines can make it work.  There are a few very sweet moments between Nash and Tallulah that makes their romance believable enough that I have no problem with their quasi-instant love.  I also don’t have a problem with all the drama around these young lovers.  The mean girls and the football drama felt par for the course with any novel set in high school. However, I did have a problem with how far the drama went.  Tallulah attracts the attention of a young teacher who is not willing to take no for an answer.  The teacher, Mr. Dace, aggressively pursues Tallulah causing friction in her relationship with Nash.  The story line continues with abusive behavior and a lot of slut shaming that felt a little too much especially when the story line wasn’t needed.  Tallulah and Nash’s relationship with her body issues and him trying to come to terms with the lost of his football dreams was enough without the teacher subplot.  The drama felt like it was there just for drama’s sake which is the issue, I have decided, that prevents me from from loving Glines’s books. I enjoy the realistic aspects of her characters’ interaction even when the names, setting, and dialog take it to an extreme almost fantasy place. However, it is when Glines’ books push the issues and drama just one step too far, making the book more a of a melodrama than a realistic fiction, that makes me just kind of enjoy them instead of truly loving her books.

Now, don’t get me wrong, fans of Glines’ drama are going to enjoy “Losing the Field”.   They will read it and they will love every overwrought moment.  Plus, people who are conflicted fans ( like myself) will enjoy this book and will most likely (like myself)  keep reading her books and enjoy them even if they don’t love. However, readers looking for a realistic view of high school with just a little drama may need to look else where.

Final Rating: 3 out 5

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