Mock Mondays: Caldecott Award

Hey ya’ll, it’s Sarah!

There are many different books getting Caldecott buzz and it was almost impossible to choose one.

35833840Title: They Say Blue
Author: Jillian Tamaki
While everyone says that the sky and the ocean are blue, the protagonist of this story shows that these assumptions aren’t always true. Even though they say the ocean is blue, it looks like crystals when the main character splashes the water into the air. She explores the colors of the world through a variety of environments. Sometimes the beautiful brown wheat looks like a river she can sail on. Colors appear in all facets of the main character’s world.

Caldecott Considerations:
Ummm….this book is just gorgeous. Though that is not a surprise, since Tamaki has been making waves in the publishing world with her previous illustrations, in books like This One Summer. Tamaki, uses strong blends of color on beautiful double paged spreads. She shows the blend of colors, while also drawing focus to the ones being discussed by the text. Even though this story has a lyrically compelling text, the images can speak a wonderful story on their own. The diversity of characters and settings will connect to a wide-range of readers.



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