Out of Left Field by Kris Hui Lee

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I got this ARC several months ago at our librarian book buzz.


Marnie, Cody, and their other best friends have played baseball pickup games at the local field all of their lives. They have a great friendship, however, as they grow up things become tricky because there are romantic feelings growing between several of those in this group. Marnie used to pitch for her school’s softball team, until her failure as a pitcher lost an important game, she can no longer handle the pressure. Cody and the other guys from the field are on the high school’s baseball team. Cody is talented enough that he could take the team to state and play professionally. However, after a bad play on the field, Cody’s arm is broken and the team’s ability to win is compromised. Cody pushes Marnie to try out for his position while he is healing. When Marnie lands the position, she needs to learn how to combat the pressure of winning and the sexism from the other players and former friends on the team. Marnie’s fears create more tension and trouble between her and Cody. Will the two be able to make it beyond her baseball career?


This was a sweet fluffy novel. The characters weren’t overwhelmingly developed. The enemy and his storyline eclipsed the main character’s plot. I would be interested in reading more about him. However, I think certain plot points and motivations need to be clarified. It is a quick book, that is perfect for a summer reader.



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