Mock Monday: Caldecott Award

Hi everyone, it’s Sarah!

38398140Title: Through the Window: Views of Marc Chagall’s Life and Art

Author: Barb Rosenstock

The dream team of Rosenstock and Grandpré is back again, teaching young readers about a famous artist. Marc Chagall was born in Russia and it was where he first began developing his artistic craft. When he did not respond to the traditional artistic techniques of Russia art schools, he traveled to France to better hone his craft. Chagall did return to Russia, but would flee to America because of the dangerous practices of the Russians against Jews and other minorities. Chagall continued to create art throughout his life, with a brief lapse after his wife died.

Caldecott Considerations:
I love Grandpré, it is entirely possible that it is because I am reminded of the artwork in the Harry Potter books, but she is a superb illustrator. While Rosenstock brings readers through the artist’s story, Grandpré brings the book to life. The images bring readers through the troubling history of Russia, alongside the pops of color that Chagall’s art brought to his world. The greys of oppressive Russia in pre-WWII, versus the vibrant colors of France, develop visual cues about the world environment of the time. The masterful combination of colorwork and illustration creates a gorgeous exploration of history.


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