Meet the Sky by McCall Hoyle

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I got this eARC from Netgalley. I enjoyed the first book I read by this author and wanted to try the second.

After an accident left her sister with a Traumatic Brain Injury and her dad with guilt that led to drinking, Sophie was forced to give up her dreams to fill the spaces in her broken family. Sophie’s family owns a horse ranch and with her father now gone, she must pick up the slack to take care of the horses and keep riding customers happy. While she wants to become a vet, she knows that right now her mother and sister can’t live without her. It is hurricane season, and one is threatening to hit their area. Even worse, a boy from Sophie’s past has blown back into town. Sophie had a huge crush on Finn and was supposed to go to a dance with him, but he never showed and disappeared from her life. She plans to stay far away from him, but he wants to pick up where they left off. When the two get stuck together in their deserted town, while the storm of the century hits, they will need to count on each other to survive and may have a change to work through their challenging pasts.

I thought this was a sweet story. I loved the Tennyson quotes and can always do with more Tennyson. I needed more development with the relationship between Sophie and Finn. The end did not feel as strong as the beginning and didn’t seem to add as much to the story. Things were wrapped up too quickly. However, I did enjoy this novel. It was interesting to read about wild horses and their experience during a hurricane.


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