Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  I just finished the newest Lauren Oliver book Broken Things. I had an odd reaction to this one.  Here are my thoughts:

36260130.jpgTitle: Broken Things
Author: Lauren Oliver
Note: I listened to the audio book.

Summary: Five years ago Summer Marks was murdered.  Summer was killed in the same way as the characters in her and her friends’ favorite book which is why everyone blamed the other two girls.  However, Summer’s friends, Mia and Brynn didn’t kill Summer and now they want to find the real murderer to clear their names and regain their futures.

Review:  I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I don’t love this mystery.  I did like it.  It’s a solid mystery.  Oliver wrote an intriguing tale with surprises and well placed red herrings.  However, I never really got fully engrossed.  I wanted to know who was the murder and I wanted to know how the story was going to unfold but I never HAD to keep reading.  I think my issue with Broken Things is the characters.  I have tried reading most of Oliver’s books and I have always found the same issue…in every book, at least a few of her characters, are truly unlikeable.  They always seem to represent the stereotype of lowest common denominators in society.  In Broken Things I found Brynn to be an annoying cliche of a lower income teen being raised by an uneducated single parents.  Her narrative voice just didn’t work for me and every time the story shifted to her perspective I found myself pulled out of the story.  The moments with Brynn made me care less about the overarching story which was disappointing because the mystery was well crafted.  Fans of Oliver’s will greatly enjoy this book but if you have not enjoyed Oliver’s past works then you may want to skip this one.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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