Inkling by Kenneth Oppel

Hiya, it’s Sarah!

I received this as an eARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I was interested to see what this Printz honor winner had up his sleeve. Also, the cover looked interesting and had potential for mixed media. While there were illustrations along the way, it did not have as great of a visual component as I expected.



Rickman the cat was the only one awake to see Inkling come to life. While it is a mystery how he got into our world, this ink blot is going to change Ethan and his family’s world. Ever since Ethan’s mom died, his family has been struggling. His father has difficulty completely his graphic novel deadlines and making sure that Ethan and his sister are properly feed and taken care of. Ethan needs help with an illustration project for school, but his father isn’t around to help. Soon, Ethan notices that words are missing from his favorite books and that someone has drawn on his project. There is a new helper in town, Inkling. The two become fast friends with Inkling playing with Ethan and his sister and him teaching Ethan how to draw. Inkling has even helped Ethan’s father break his writer’s block and begin working on his new graphic novel. Until, Inkling is stolen and the family must find their friend.


I thought this was an interesting way to explore writer’s block and the fallout of a family losing an important person. I loved the way Inkling would mimic writer’s stylings after eating a book, I thought those sections were on point. I thought the thievery twist was unnecessary, but perhaps children reading this book will need that additional, yet superfluous plot point. It was fun and I would read more about this family and Inkling.



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