Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

Hi everyone, it’s Sarah!

I received this eARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. The kids at the library are always asking for scary books, so I am always ready to read anything new that they might like.


Ollie has been having trouble living, after her family suffered a serious loss. To avoid her grief, she escapes into books. One day, when riding home from school, she finds a strange woman attempting to get rid of an old book in the river. Ollie steals the book and begins learning the creepy story of two brothers, who made deals with the devil. This information becomes more surreal when Ollie’s school field trip takes place at farm where the strange woman is the caretaker and the setting seems to match the one in her new book. Things take a dangerous turn on this field trip when the bus gets stuck heading home and it starts to turn dark. Ollie uses the knowledge from her book to stay alive, with the help of two classmates. She refuses to turn into a scarecrow like her other classmates, she is going to beat this monster.


This was a great scary book. It wasn’t scary in the way that I had to read it with the lights on, but it was creepy and fantastical. It is the first book in the series and I do not mind reading the next book. I liked reading the journal passages about the two brothers and seeing how that could help Ollie in the present. She was a smart girl with two friends who didn’t seem like much, but who turned out to be just as important.


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