TBR Check-In: His True Queen by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky.  I put His True Queen on my TBR list as soon as I finished listening to the audio book of The Controversial Princess.  I had high expectations and His True Queen almost lived up to my expectations.

41161465.jpgTitle: His True Queen
Author: Jodi Ellen Malpas
Note: I listened to the audio book.

Summary: Princess Adeline has found herself thrown into the middle of a royal scandal.  The once third in line to the throne has now found herself the Queen of England.  She wants what’s right for her family, her country and the Crown but can she give up the one thing that makes her happy…her love, Josh Jameson.

Review: This book was both an awesome romance and a slightly disappointing melodrama.  Adeline and Josh have a wonderful sizzlingly romance.  They have perfect chemistry and Malpas wrote them fabulous love scenes.  However, many of the other aspects of this book were quiet frustrating.  Adeline is the Queen.   Throughout the whole book were told that she has unimaginable power but she is sadly pushed around by all the men in her life.  It took her WAY too many pages to stand up to the men on her staff.  Also, for Adeline and Josh to get their HEA Malpas had to do some serious plot gymnatistc which made the ending feel a little too convoluted for my taste.  Yet, even with those issue His True Queen is definitely a must read for fans of the first book in this duet.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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