ARC Review: 99% Faking It by Chris Cannon

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  I am a sucker for fake dating books ever since I first read To All the Boys I Love Before many years ago.  I was excited when I found 99% Faking It on NetGalley and it proved to be a cute book.

43799830.jpgTitle: 99 % Faking It
Author: Chris Cannon
Note: I received an eARC of the book from the publisher through NetGalley all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Summary: Lisa is a proud book nerd.  She is never as happy as when she is inside with a good book.  Matt loves being outdoors and doesn’t read beyond his school assignments.  Lisa had a crush on Matt since they first met but she knows he won’t ever be interested in her because he has a crush on his sister very taken best friend, Jane  However, when Lisa tells Matt that about the theory that when someone is in a committed relationship they are more attractive the two agree to fake a relationship.  The only problem is that Matt soon realizes that he thinks of Lisa as more than a friend and he will do whatever it takes to win her.

What’s Good: This is a nice romance with some adorable moments.  Matt and Lisa have some cute moments of banter and flirtation which makes the book fun to read.  Plus, I love books about characters who love to read.

What’s Bad: We know that Matt is going to decide he’s in love with Lisa but for a plot point that is in the book’s official description it took quite a while.  Also, I was slightly disappointed by the swearing sprinkled throughout the book.  The language felt a little unnecessary and took what would be a perfect tween and moved it to a teen only appropriate book.

Bottom Line: 99% Faking It is a cute book about friends turning into more that will appeal to fans of YA romance.

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