Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I received this eARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed several of Legrand’s previous novels and after seeing her speak at Teen Book Fest I Rochester, I wanted to continue to support her and read her new material. Readers respond to her novels and I hope that continues.

Sometimes I develop preconceived notions about books based simply on their covers. I had that same problem with this book. I expected to find a true crime realistic fiction book, with a bit of magical realism. Instead, I found a stronger level of fantasy/horror with the pages.



On a small quiet island town, girls have gone missing throughout the years. After Zoey’s friend goes missing, she is determined to find her. Zoey believes that the island’s popular girl, Val, is behind the disappearance, or knows something more. The mysteries come further to the surface, when Marion and her grieving family move to the island. Marion’s mom is attempting to heal from her husband’s death and Marion and her sister count on each other to make it through the day. However, Val has tapped Marion’s sister as her new best friend. Zoey is sure that something bad is going to happen. Zoey and Marion develop a quick friendship and begin researching the deadly mysteries of the island. They are quickly helped by an unseen force, which warns them of danger and has potentially given them magical powers.


I am going to say it, this book is freakin weird. It starts with a strong realistic fiction vibe, but quickly turns into a high fantasy, deadly creature book. None of the main characters are truly likeable, but that is by design. I found the LGBTQ elements to be well integrated and strong. Readers will find main characters who are lesbians and asexual. I don’t want to continue with this world, but I believe that there are readers out there who would.



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