See Me by Wendy Higgins

Hello, Everyone!  It’s Becky, again.  I loved Wendy Higgins’ Sweet series so much that I’m basically willing to read anything she writes.  I was excited when I found See Me on Overdrive.  I had high expectations and this book kind of lived up to them.

22622580.jpgTitle: See Me
Author: Wendy Higgins
Note: I listened to the audio book.

What’s It About: Robyn Mason has known for years that she had a destiny.  She is destined to marry McKale, a boy that she has never met but, someone she is linked to through their magical blood.  Their union was ordered by the ruling class of Fae and their marriage is promised to save McKale’s clan.  Robyn believes that she will find love with the mysterious boy and soon after meeting the two form a connection.  But their romance is threatened by a beautiful fae who wants McKale for herself.

What’s Good: I love books about faeries especially when they manipulate mere mortals and See Me has plenty of those moments.  Plus, I know it’s very unfeminist of me, but I like a good romance that starts with an arranged relationship that turns into real love.

What’s Bad: This book is less than 300 pages but it felt long.  The interaction with the the manipulative fae felt too few and way far between making what should be a major plot point feel like an afterthought.  Plus, I would have liked more scenes between Robyn and McKale because in someway their relationship felt like instalove and a few more romantic moments would have made their love story more genuine.

Bottom Line: See Me will appeal to fans of Higgins but unfortunately the book was published through the self publishing platform CreateSpace and the book’s pacing proves that it would have benefited from a good  editor.

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