Best I’ve Ever Had by Abbi Glines

Hi All!  It’s Becky.  I have a very complicated relationship with Abbi Glines’ books.  In some ways they really, really bug me.  The characters are all the same and the stories follow the exact same path.  However, when I read that there is a new Abbi Glines book I find myself needing to read which is what happened with her newest book Best I’ve Ever Had.  I had a very complicated reaction to this book.  Here are my thoughts:

43865167.jpgTitle: Best I’ve Ever Had
Author: Abbi Glines
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Summary: Eli Hardy was known for being a good guy however watching the girl he once loved marry another man pushed him too far.  Eli took off on his motorcycle right after his best-friend’s wedding and hasn’t been heard from in over year.  Now, Eli is back with months worth of baggage and pain.  However, after making a connection with Ophelia Finlay, Eli may have found something that will make him move beyond his past and to start a new life.

Review:  Oh, this book!  The entire time I read this book I kept asking myself why do I keep reading Glines’ books.  I have had such a complicated relationship with her books ever since I read Breathe almost a decade ago.  The stories are all very similar.  Two people meet, the guy isn’t likable and the girl is beautiful but emotionally mousey, they are attracted to each other, things get steamy, there is an issue that tears them apart, but their loves pull them back together, the end.  That’s the book…that’s all of the books.

In Best I’ve Ever Had we meet two people who are emotionally damaged beautiful individuals that need to find true love to heal.  This was my first issue with this book.  Eli’s past pain is alluded to…a lot but not explained for about 3/4 of the book.  Ophelia’s past heartbreak is mentioned once and kind of glossed over.  Why hide Eli’s trauma?  Why gloss over Ophelia’s former heartbreak?  What happened in Rush and Blair’s marriage that made their children so emotionally stunted?  Moving past that issue, we get to the relationship between our main characters.  Eli and Ophelia never really connect beyond attraction but are instantly steamy and instantly in love.  It all feels very rushed.  Couldn’t they have had a little more time before feelings of a future forever invaded?  Plus, I am never getting over the names in this book.  I know I have commented on this before but…Crimson…Phoenix….really?  Yet, even with those issues I couldn’t stop reading.  The book was almost unputdownable and I found myself trying to guess who will the next book be about (I’m calling it to be starring Phoenix and possibly Jude)?  If you are fan of Glines or a fan of dirty melodrama this book is for you but if you are neither of those things you will probably want to skip this one.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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