What Were Excited About: May Books!

Springtime may finally be here!  We can’t think of anyway better to celebrate the new warm weather than finding a great new book!  Here are just a few new books that we’re excited to read in May.

Becky’s List

Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins
Release Date: May 7th41734205

The Royals (aka Prince Charming) was one of my favorite books of last year so I will happily read any follow up to the flirty, fun, romcom adventure.  Plus, Rachel Hawkins wrote Hex Hall which basically means I will read anything that she releases.

Again, but Better by Christine Riccio
Release Date: May 7th

I have a soft spot in my heart for any book that takes place in London.  Riccio’s first book not only takes place in my favorite vacation destination but it’s also a coming of age realistic fiction that appears to be filled with emotions and romance which makes it a must read for me.

Stepsister by Jennifer Donnlley
Release Date: May 14th36297954

I loved Jennifer Donnelly’s Revolution when I read all the way back in 2011 so I was excited to learn that she has a new book coming out in May.  Stepsister is a Cinderella retelling that focuses on the stepsister who cut off her toes to tried to win the Prince’s heart.  It sounds dark and twisty and kind of awesome.

Sarah’s List

Girl Gone Viral by Arvin Ahmadi
Release Date: May 21st

When Opal was young her father died, actually he was potentially murdered by his tech partner. Opal uses her own skills with computers to track down this high profile suspect, to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding her dad’s death. I am always a sucker for a computer genius and hacker. This novel is being compared to Ready Player One, which is one of my favorites. I am ready to explore this computer world.

Don’t Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno
Release Date: May 14th

While I was first drawn in by the cover, after reading the description, I couldn’t wait to read it. Rosa is cursed when it comes to dating, especially when the boys are of the sea (sea-men just sounded wrong…) Her family’s rich hispanic culture and history guide the choices that she is making about her future. All that appears to come into questions when she meets a cute sea boy, Alex. It sounds like a fluffy summer romance with a layer of deep family issues. I like my fluff to come with a side of something substantial and I have high hopes for this book.

With the Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo
Release Date: May 7th

I feel like I am getting ahead of myself with this book, since we plan on videoing our review of it, but I have been waiting for this book ever since Acevedo talked about it at SLJ live last summer. I was taken with her way with words and characters in The Poet X, and I am certainly not disappointed by this novel. I haven’t finished it yet, but what I can tell you is it is just as good if not better than Poet X. Also, it is not in verse, but Acevedo still shines when it comes to her way with words. I am loving.

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