Tween Book Review: Pay Attention, Carter Jones by Gary D Schmidt

Hiya all, it’s Sarah!


Carter has three siblings, a stressed mother, a father on active duty in the military and a dog that vomits when he gets excited. He is just your average kid, who likes sugary cereal, doesn’t have many friends and is just trying to figure out who he is. One day, an English butler shows up at his house. Carter’s grandfather has passed, and the butler is now willed to take care of his family. The butler is super weird and has some pretty strict rules about interacting with the world. Carter is expected to behave properly, drink tea, and learn how to play cricket. However, it might be through this new way of life that Carter begins to grow into the wonderful man that he will one day become. 


This book is told in the same style and concept as Wednesday Wars and Okay for Now. You may even get to see a few of the characters from previous novels. Each boy has a different coming-of-age journey, which shows the reality of growing up and the diversity of life experiences. While the writing is not flowery, it’s real and relatable. I love these characters and the worlds Schmidt creates. 



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