Mock Mondays: Caldecott Award

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I have found two titles that I wanted to talk about this month, both of which are gorgeous.

39938163Title: Sea Bear: A Journey for Survival
Author: Lindsay Moore

Summary: Polar bears are patient, mostly because they have to be. Polar bears struggle to survive, especially as climate change dramatically effects their habitat. Finding seals to eat is not easy, but polar bears find a way to live.

Caldecott Considerations: This gorgeous blue book will haunt readers (so fyi, it may be extremely difficult for sensitive readers. The illustrator truly captures the movements of the animals and the facial expressions of the bears. The animal images are so well illustrated that it feels like you can reach out and touch the seals, narwhals, and polar bears that you encounter throughout the book. The blues of the sky and the water create a fluidity throughout the setting. I especially liked how there are whispers of constellations in the night sky.

40796114Title: ¡Vamos! Let’s Go to the Market
Author: Raúl the Third

Summary: Little Lobo and his dog, Bernabé, are going to the market to make deliveries. They visit a variety of locations, along with many others from their town and ultimately have the chance to meet one of their favorite celebrities.

Caldecott Considerations: There are so many great things to say about this book beyond the Caldecott considerations. The pairing of Spanish with English words, the fact that this should get a nod from the Pura Belpré committee, and that it was just fun. There is so much story going on in this book that you could read it multiple times and find something new. The comic book vibe adds to the adventure and playful setting. The vibrant colors and artistic techniques of the eyes, evoke animations from the past, but the story keeps it solidly contemporary. This work moves beyond words because the illustrations open it up to telling many different stories.

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