Midnight Sun by Trish Cook

Hi Everyone!   It’s Becky.  I’m always looking for a books to recommend.  The teens in my community love books like If I Stay, The Fault in Our Stars, and Five Feet Apart so I thought Midnight Sun would be a perfect read-a-like.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t right.

38401968.jpgTitle: Midnight Sun
Author: Trish Cook
Note: I listened to the audio book.

Summary: Katie Price has spent the last decade hiding from the sun.  Katie has a rare disease known as XP which makes her “allergic” to sunlight.  Katie has always accepted her lot in life however when she connects with Charlie, the boy next door, she will do whatever it takes for them to be together.

Review: First, a disclaimer: there are going to be spoilers in this review.  Second, I have to admit that I never saw the movie.

Oh, I had some real issues with this book.  The first half of the story is perfectly fine if not somewhat familiar.  Katie wants to move outside her father’s control and live her own life even if it could kill her.  Yes, it’s melodramatic but it kind of works in YA book.  However, the story completely lost me when Katie stays out past curfew, gets exposed to sunlight, and is now doomed to die.  She went against her father’s wishes once and spent time with a boy and she has to pay with her life?  This story line just annoyed all the parts of my brain that remembers all my college Women Studies classes.  It feels like the author is punishing the teen girl because she wanted to claim her independence and showed interest in a boy.  This is just really not cool in today’s society.  Plus, the ending with Katie giving up and sailing off with Charlie to die was so unnecessary and overwrought.  Readers looking for melodrama may enjoy this book however I will not be recommending it.

Final Rating: 2 out of 5

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