TBR Thursday: Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Hi All!  It’s Becky.  Queen of Geek by Jen Wilde has been on my TBR list forever because it is constantly being put on hold by patrons at my library.  I finally got a chance to read the book and here are my thoughts.

41016784.jpgTitle: Queen of Geek
Author: Jen Wilde
Note: I listened to the audio book.

Summary: Charlie started out as a vlogger but now she’s a rising movie star making her first appearance at SupaCon.  She is still recovering from a very public breakup with her co-star Reese however when Charlie makes a connection with actress Alyssa she may not be able to resist the temptation of a real love story.  Charlie’s best friends Taylor and Jamie have feelings for each other but neither have been willing to act on it.  As Taylor and Jamie spend time together at the Con they both realize that that they can’t deny what they feel anymore.  Can these three friends find love in the middle go geekdom?

Review: This was a very simple but sweet love story (or should I say love stories?).  Charlie, Taylor, and Jamie are the type of characters that most readers can see themselves reflected in.  Their journey through their emotional traumas and past heartbreaks was refreshingly realistic.  There was nothing horrible hidden in their past it was just the regular bumps and bruises that anyone may experience while growing up.  In that manner the book is very similar to other books in the genre however Wilde was able to separate her story by the inclusion of the character Taylor.  Taylor is on the autism spectrum, she has severely social anxiety yet she gets to be the star of her own love story.  She is not held back by what others may see as a disability.  She is strong and willing to go after want she wants even if it causes her a large amount of anxiety.  Taylor is the type of character that we need more of and she is the reason to read this book.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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