Black Wings Beating by Alex London

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky, again.  I was given an ARC of Black Wings Beating by Alex London at Book Expo of America but I never got a chance to read it however I did finally get to listen to the audio book.  Here are my thoughts:

38110171.jpgTitle: Black Wings Beating
Author: Alex London
Note: I listened to the audio book.

What’s it about: Brysen and Kylee have being trying to survive since their father was killed attempting to trap the Ghost Eagle.   After their father’s death the twins to take over his falconer business.  Brysen wants desperately to be the best but he lacks Kylee’s natural abilities with the animals.  Yet, when someone Brysen loves is threatened he begins a journey to find the Ghost Eagle to ensure his love’s safety.  Kylee wanting to sure his brother’s safety follows her brother into the mounting setting both of their lives on a new journey.

The Good: This book feels uniques.  The mythology that London created feels fresh and not like any other book that I have read.

The Bad: This book had everything that should make it great.  It has adventure and mythology and an entirely original story except it didn’t work for me.  I found the characters to be a little dull and the story to be convoluted and hard to follow.

Bottom line: Fans of books heavy in mythology may enjoy this one however if you’re looking for a character driven book that is fun to read you will probably want to look elsewhere.

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