TBR Thursdays: School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Happy Thursday Everyone!  It’s Becky.  Every so often I stumble across a book in my house that I completely forgot that I bought. School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel is one of those books.  I’m 99% sure I got this book at a conference over six years ago but I can’t remember if it was a freebie or if I purchased it.

13135509.jpgTitle: School Spirit
Author: Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Summary: Kat’s home life is unusual.  Kat’s mother is medium and spirits from beyond can often be found hanging out in their living room.  Kat loves her mother but she is disappointed when she starts to see her mother’s ghostly visitors.  Kat life takes a turn for the worse when the most popular girl at school witness paranormal activity at her house.  Now, she is an outcast at school but with the help of new friend Kat will use her powers to solve a mystery and help a spirit trapped in her school find peace.

Review: This was my first book by Cody and it felt very much like a tween book that is part of the series.  The characters and the plot are very formulaic and unsurprising. Cody does a good job developing both of these aspects but they also felt a little familiar.  Kat was a perfect fine main character and her journey through friendship and the supernatural will appeal to tweens.  However, this book proves that authors should be careful about using pop culture.  I doubt most tweens will know who Tori Spelling is or what Simon Cowell has to do with American Idol.  These outdated references may lose some reader just looking for a ghouly good time.  However, tween who don’t care about pop culture and are fans of paranormal book may still enjoy this one.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

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