Book Expo of America: Tips and Book Picks

Hi All!  It’s only a week until Book Expo 2019 kicks off in NYC.  Sarah and will not be attending but we both thought it would be helpful for any new attendees if we reposted all the lessons we learned during our two trips to the event for all book lovers. 

Here is my post after our second BEA outing last summer:

Hi Everyone!  It’s Becky.  I have taken a few days to recover from my whirlwind visit to Book Expo of America and now I’m ready to share a couple of new tips for anyone who may attend the event in the future as well as tell you about the a few of the must read ARCs I received.

bookexpo-logo-two-lines.pngTip #1) Plan Carefully
There is a whole lot of Book Expo to cram into just 3 days so you really do have to have a game plan.  I tried to schedule everything based on location of the events/signing while prioritizing what I wanted to do the most but I still missed out on a lot of stuff.  I’m still sad that I had to chose between meeting Sally Field and getting the ARC of “Escaping Houdini”. Plus, you should really think about the extra events you register for because for every extra event you attend you have to miss out on something.  I had an incredible time at  the teen/children’s author speed dating event and it was worth missing a few ARC drops however the Children Author Breakfast proved to not be worth it.

Tip #2) Wheelie Suitcase Beware
The biggest lesson I learned at last year’s expo was the need to have a wheelie suitcase and I made sure to bring the biggest suitcase I own.  It worked out great…until it didn’t.  Since the suitcase had to be kept in the baggage check area I misjudge how much stuff I had picked up and lost track of what exactly I had picked up.  I ended up with way more ARCs then I intended to bring home plus a few duplicates.

And Now for the Books


Escaping Houdini by Kerri Maniscolo
Release Date: September 18

“Escaping Houdini” was my must have ARC this year at Book Expo and I happily stood in line for 40 minutes to get it.  The book follows Audrey Rose and Thomas as the travel on a ship to the United States where they have agreed to help solve a murder.  However, before they can solve crimes in the US they must first uncover the mystery of who is killing people on the ship.  This book looks awesome and I can not wait to read it.

When Elephants Fly by Nancy Richardson Fischer37508834.jpg
Release Date: September 4

I actually got this ARC by accident when it was given out at a signing for another book however I am thrilled that I got it.  The book tells the story of T. Lily Decker who is dealing with her mother’s schizophrenia while having to worry that she may someday develop the disease.  The book is getting a lot of buzz and I’m looking forward to a heartfelt read that just may make me ugly cry.


Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes
Release Date: September 18

I missed out on this ARC twice because of scheduling conflicts so I was beyond excited when it was one of the ARC given to us at the author speed dating lunch.  The book tells the story of Zane as he goes on an adventure based on Mayan mythology.  “Storm Runner” is the next book from Rick Riordan’s imprint and if it’s half as awesome as “Aru Shah” than it going to be a must read.


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