Mock Mondays: Caldecott Award

Hi All! It’s Becky. I’m back for another Mock Mondays! This week I will be sharing with you two picture books that I think should be considered for the Caldecott Award. If you are unfamiliar with the award it is given by the American Library Association to the illustrator that gave the most distinguished contribution to children’s literature.

40796177Title: The Undefeated
Author: Kwame Alexander
Illustrator: Kadir Nelson

Summary: Alexander writes a poetic picture book that is a love letter to Black History.  The book features important African American figures throughout history.

Caldecott Considerations: This book is just beautiful.  Kamir’s art is realistic and haunting.  The images he created to depict tragedy are both powerful and unforgettable.  However, this book goes beyond gorgeous illustrations with each of its details adding to the story.  The narrative is impacted by the text placement, illustration placement and the white space.  The book is beautiful, relevant, impactful and one that I hope the Caldecott Committee will consider.

40391735.jpgTitle: Elvis Is King
Author: Jonah Winter
Illustrator: Red Nose Studio

Summary: Before he was the biggest star in the world Elvis was just a country boy living with his mother on the cusp of poverty in a small southern town.  His star is about to rise and Elvis’s life will never be the same.

Caldecott Considerations:  The illustrations in this book are unique (bordering on odd) but just really work.  The three-dimensional figures and backgrounds create an interesting depth to the book’s illustrations that enrich the Elvis’s tale.  The backgrounds and color palette help create a sense of history among the images and the borders give the book a documentary feel.  Elvis is King is an usual book however the skill and innovation that went into it’s creation may be enough to get it noticed by the Caldecott Committee.

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