TBR Thursdays: Ship It by Britta Lundin

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  I have had an ARC of Ship It by Britta Lundin on my shelf for over a year and never got a chance to read it.  I finally just finished the audio book this and this book was different then I expected and so was my reaction to it.

36204669.jpgTitle: Ship It
Author: Britta Lundin
Note: I listened to the audio book.

Summary: Clare loves the TV show Demon Heart. She is obsessed with the show, the characters, and especially the possible love between the male main characters.  Clare knows that the chemistry between the characters is real even if the producers and the stars of the show won’t acknowledge it.  Clare believes so much in the SmokeHeart love story that she poses a question about the possible romance at a convention panel and is heartbroken when the star of the show, Forest, laughs at her.  Devastated, Clare retreats back to her hotel room to forgot about the betrayal of her favorite show.  However, when the fandom begins to turn on Demon Heart the producer concoct a plan to get Clare on tour with the stars of show which gives her one last chance to save SmokeHeart.

Review:  This book was a very mixed bag for me.  I loved the idea of a book about fans that are completed devoted to their favorite television show.  I thought Lundin created a perfect representation of being a fan and she did it without mocking or malice but with the respect that real fans deserve.  In that way this book was great.  Also, great was Forest’s slow evolution from self centered actor to a TV star that respected and embraced his fans.  However, I never really warmed up to Clare or her mission.  The character was too myopic to be likable and her reasons behind her campaign to save SmokeHeart felt childish.  She wanted what she wanted and didn’t care if she took down her favorite show or if she hurt fellow fans.  Clare and her actions felt disingenuous.  Clare is also a perfect represents of my major issue with this book which is it doesn’t know if it’s a younger teen book, an older teen book, or a new adult book.  Clare and her actions are very childish and feel like she should be the lead in a teen book aimed at the lower end of the genre however, the themes explored in the book feel very much in the older YA lit word while the actual way the book is written feels like a new adult novel.  These different aspects come together to create a book that feels muddled and like something just doesn’t quite fit together correct.  Yet, even if those issues the positives out weighed the negatives and the book did end up being enjoyable.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5

Want another opinion?  Check out Sarah’s Review here!

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