Teen Book Review: The Lost by Natasha Preston

Hiya everyone, its Sarah!

I received this eARC through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. As all of you may know by now, I am typically not a fan of mysteries. I have no idea why I opted to read this novel, but here we are. While this may skew my review, know that overall, I enjoyed this book.


Teens have been running away over the past few months, but Piper, crime tv aficionado, doesn’t believe it. Piper knows that something more sinister is going on and when her best friend Harper drags her to a party, she is determined to get more information from the missing teens’ friends. However, this party leads Piper and Harper to getting abducted and taken to a torture house in the middle of the woods. It is there that the friends learn the truth of the missing teens, by meeting some of them. The masters of the house select their captors at random times to visit different torture rooms, when the captor must endure things like sleep, water, and sound torture. Piper is determined to find a way out, even if Harper quickly gives up. However, Piper learns that there are more mind games going on in this house than she could ever imagine.


I thought this was a fast-paced highly compelling novel that would appeal to reluctant readers. It was like a television movie version of Saw (ish). I was unsatisfied with the ending. I don’t want to get too far into it, because I don’t want to give everything away. While yes, this novel could have gone deeper and gotten far more cerebral with the torture, I think the action and pace will appeal to many readers.



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