New Teen Book Review: Dear Ally, How do You Write a Book by Ally Carter

Hey everyone, its Sarah!

Becky constantly preaches the glory of Ally Carter, who writes tween appropriate fiction at a high AR level. I have never gotten on this band wagon. This is probably because I do not like mysteries, boarding school books, or espionage (though there are exceptions). We considered posting this book as a video, but didn’t know if there would be anything to talk about (boy, were we wrong!). This is probably one of the best books of the year, so far.


Ally Carter and a few of her YA author friends band together to give teen readers a how-to guide on writing and publishing their work. Carter breaks down the concepts clearly, in a way that can easily be applied to the process. I loved that she asked other authors to sound off on their own writing and publishing journey. She asked both her agent and David Levithan to give insight into the editing and sales aspects of writing. This guide is imperative for any teen (or really any) writer in your life.



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