Mock Mondays: Newbery Award

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

Here is my latest mock Newbery pick. In case you’re not familiar with the award it is a award given out annually by the American Library Association for the most distinguished contribution for children’s literature. Books considered for this award must be aimed at an audience from birth to 14 years of age.  You can find more information about this award on the American Library Association website here.

35209599Title: Line Tender

Author: Kate Allen


Lucy’s mother was a fantastic shark scientist, but she died when Lucy was young. For all of the life that Lucy can remember, it has only been her father and her, along with a few supportive neighbors. Fred, her best friend, is an awesome jazz player and scientist, which completely compliments Lucy’s artistic side. The two are inseparable, but feelings seem to be growing into something more this summer. Fred and Lucy are working on a sea-life field guide for extra credit and along the way they notice that there are more great white shark sightings near their home. As the summer turns tragic, will the secret of the sharks ever be found out?

Newbery Considerations:

This was a gorgeous novel that was well-written with beautiful images at the beginning of each chapter. Lucy is certainly budding into a teenager and she is dealing with some pretty grown kid stuff. The author gives a detailed description of the anatomy of sea-life and dissections, which totally grossed me out, but would appeal to readers fascinated by the inner-workings of living things around us.

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