Mock Mondays: Newbery Award

Happy Monday Everyone!  It’s Becky and I am here to share with you my latest pick of 2019 of a book that I feel should be considered for the Newbery Award.  In case you’re not familiar with the award it is a award given out annually by the American Library Association for the most distinguished contribution for children’s literature.  Book considered for this award must be aimed at an audience from birth to 14 years of age.

36005510.jpgTitle: New Kid
Author: Jerry Craft
Summary: Jordan Banks wants to go to art school but his parents decide it’s better for him to go to prestigious private school.  Jordan finds himself thrown into a new world filled with people who are different than him and teachers who treat him differently than other students.  However, as Jordan makes friends in his new school he soon learns the real meaning of friendship and that difference don’t matter as much he thought.

Newbery Considerations: The Newbery committee loves books about growing up and finding your way in life and Craft has written a graphic novel that perfect illustrates Jordan as he embarked on this journey.  Craft wrote a classic fish-out-of-water story with characters that are going through real life events that are relevant to middle grade readers.  Plus, Craft’s use of different drawing styles enriches Jordan’s narrative voice and helps rise New Kid above other tween graphic novels.  The Newbery Committee has honored graphic novels in the past and I hope they take New Kid into consideration.

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