Teen Book Review: Dear Heartbreak edited by Heather Demetrios

Hey everyone! It’s Sarah,

I totally waited until the last minute to write up my review, so now you get to see what happens when Sarah writes a blog on her phone…good luck to all of us involved.

Recently, I have been reading through the books a group of librarians in my system has highlighted as the greatest books this year. It has been a rough year. I thought I would highlight one that I wouldn’t typically read that is also nonfiction.



Everyone has gone through heartbreak, whether it is an abusive relationship or the lack of a relationship because of fear of heartbreak. In this collection of letters, teens write to their heartbreak and popular authors respond to those letters.


I appreciate that this book addresses all forms of love and heartbreak. Authors stay real and do not condescend to teen counterpoints. While this book did not have the high amount of drama I wanted, I think teens going through a rough time will find comfort in this book.


Urrrr…the phone doesn’t like to add pics….ummm


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