TBR Thursdays: Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I received this book through one of the monthly subscription boxes I had a couple of years ago. I had book paraphernalia, but had never actually gotten around to reading the book. Finally, I know what the magnet refers to!


Noemi is a warrior in an interstellar battle. While she has no concern for her life, she is desperate to keep her adoptive sister alive. When Noemi’s ship seeks safety on another abandoned ship, she finds a dormant mech, Abel.

Abel is desperate to save and help his creator, which ultimately makes him the enemy of Noemi. However, she is the highest ranking officer on the ship, so he must balance her orders with the ones from his previous owner. By working together and seeking truth, Abel and Noemi may be able to stop the fighting.


I enjoyed this novel. I connected with the characters, which isn’t surprising because I always love a good underdog and unlikely leader story. I hope to finally make my way back to finish this series.



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