TBR Thursdays: Prophecy by Ellen Oh

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I started reading books by Ellen Oh a few months back when I was preparing to see her at one of the book events. Her Spirit Hunters book scared me enough that I just had to go back and see what else she had written. It took some time to get to Prophecy because I didn’t have access to the audiobook.


Kira is a demon hunter, which makes her special enough to be the only female in the emperor’s army and lead body guard for the young prince. While she has these extraordinary powers, the emperor refuses to acknowledge the supernatural forces at work around his kingdom, so her unique appearances marks her as cursed instead of gifted. Demons begin further possessing those around the kingdom, which ultimately leads to a coup. Kira and the select few she trusts are on a mission to keep the little emperor safe and find the foretold artifacts that will save the empire.


This novel would work great as an anime. I can see it playing across my tv screen. I enjoyed the characters, and thought the possession aspect of this fantasy novel to be compelling and unique. I was drawn to the unique mythical characters and can’t wait to travel further in this world.

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