Sanity & Tallulah by Molly Brooks

Hi All!  It’s Becky, again.  I recently set a goal to get through half of my ARCs by the end of the year which has required me to organize dozens (okay, it’s closer to a hundred, sorry not sorry ;)) ARCs.  My journey into reorganization lead me to find a long forgotten ARC of Molly Brooks’ Sanity & Tallulah.  This book was fun and all sorts of cute.

31926820.jpgTitle: Sanity & Tallulah
Molly Brooks

Summary: Sanity and Tallulah are average preteen girls who just happen to love science and live on a space station.  When Sanity creates a three headed kitten and the cat escapes and begins to wreak havoc on the station, the two girls must work together to find their lost pet and save their home.

Review: When I finished this graphic novel I tried to decide what I liked so much about it and I have finally decided that it was just a fun story with very likable main characters.  Sanity and Tallulah are smart girls who are masters at STEAM which is awesome and  something we are just now beginning to see in children’s books.  They experiment and create and master science in a way that more girls should be inspired to do.  The adventure they embarked upon on their out-of-date space station home was just fun.  Plus, there was a three headed kitten!  The book is a quick and quirky read that is perfect for reluctant readers and I highly recommend it.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

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