Middle Grade Review: Watch Hollow by Gregory Funaro

Hiya everyone, it’s Sarah!

I have been scouring the internet for mock Newbery titles. There are so many that I am unable to contain them on the Monday post, so you will be seeing a few throughout.

30370080. sy475 Summary:

The Tinkers have a tough life, Lucy and Oliver’s mother recently died, they are bullied around town for being poor, and their father is barely able to keep their family’s head above water. All of that looks like it is going to change this summer, when wealthy Mr. Quiggly offers Mr. Tinker a job to fix a special cuckoo clock in his new home. The Tinkers arrive at their new home, but everything seems a bit strange with a spooky lilt. Weirdly enough, they find a wooden cat posed as though it is eating the ear of a wooden dog. Lucy quickly sets to work fixing the dog and finds that there is a magical undercurrent to the clock and its house. Lucy is potentially tapped as the new caretaker, so she must find a way to fix the clock and stop the Shadow wood and defeat the Garr.


This was a cute book and I enjoyed the wooden magical creatures. While it didn’t really feel like it needed a sequel, there is one coming, along with a novella. It follows a traditional plot arc and none of the characters really stand out. I feel that your avid fantasy reader will enjoy this book, but it wouldn’t be the first title I reach for.



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