Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

Hi All!  It’s Becky.  I absolutely loved Rainbow Rowell’s book Carry On. It was one of my favorite books of 2015.  I was super excited (and a little nervous) when I got the audiobook for its sequel but Wayward Son proved to be a perfect follow up to Carry On. Here are my thoughts:

44017627.jpgTitle: Wayward Son
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Note: I listen to the audiobook (and it was excellent).

Summary: Simon Snow did what all great heroes do, he defeated the villain and fell in love, but Simon feels unsettled.  He doesn’t want to attend university and his relationship with Baz doesn’t seem to be going as well as he would like.  Simon needs a change and his best friend, Penny, has the perfect idea: Simon, Baz, and Penny are going to take a road trip across the United States to visit their friend (and Simon’s ex), Agatha.  It was a simple plan that will quickly be derailed by broken relationships, bands of mythical creatures, and a whole lot of bad vampires.

Review: This book was just all sorts of fun.  Rowell has written an adventure for her beloved characters that was filled with drama, humor, and just a little romance and I totally loved it.  All the characters that were so much fun in Carry On are back and in fine form.  Simon is enthusiastic while a little loss, Penny is smart and a little oblivious, while Baz is perfectly snarky and totally over the moon for Simon.  It was just a delight to get to visit with them as they travel across the United States in a vintage convertible.  Rowell proves herself a master storyteller in this book through the characters to the settings to the strong narrative voices that are distinct and changing as the narrative moves through the cast of characters.  The only thing stopping me from loving this book at the same level that I did Carry On was some of the drama that felt a little unnecessary.  I am the type of person who loves a Happily Ever After so I don’t really love to see the drama that develops after the HEA.  Also, the moments of action felt a little clumped together making the plot seem uneven.  Plus, I was a little thrown by the cliffhanger ending.  I didn’t realize that this was the middle book in a trilogy instead of the second book in a duology.  The abrupt pivot the story makes at the end to set up the third book was a little jarring for me.  Yet, even with those issues, Wayward Son was delight and fans of Carry On will happily devour this quirky little novel.

Final Rating: 4.5 out of 5



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