Are You Ready for Halloween? A Frightful Book List

Hi All!  It’s Becky.  This the is the spookiest time of the year and I thought it was time to share with you a list of books that may bring you chills and make you sleep with the light on.  I hope you enjoy them!

Welcome to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Everyone has a nightmare; the thing that keeps you up at night and makes you leave a nightlight on.  Ivy Jensen lives in constant fear of her parents murderer; the man who came into her home and killed everyone but her.  Ivy is trying to get over her past so when she finds a contest being sponsored by the biggest horror movie director in the world she uses her nightmares to win a spot in the Dark House.  What Ivy doesn’t know is that the contest isn’t what it seems and not all the contestants are going to survive their worst nightmares.  Part horror book and part psychological suspense Welcome to the Dark House is completely terrifying.

Jasper Dent Series by Barry Lyga
Barry Lyga’s series isn’t exactly horror but it does show how sometimes the biggest monster is actual the most human.  Jasper Dent was raised by his father, Billy Dent,  the most charming, charismatic man in town who just happened to be one of the most prolific serial killers of all time.  Billy has one simple goal in life: turn Jasper into the next generation of killer.  When Billy is sent to prison Japer was able to avoid his father’s plan but when a body is found in Jasper’s small town he must step inside the head of a psychopath to stop a murder and prove his innocence.  This series is just unbelievably awesome.  It is the perfect blend of creepy and disturbing that makes the entire series a must read.

Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender
Alexis always knew her life was dysfunctional.  Her parents fight, her sister, Kasey, is obsessed with dolls, and she doesn’t really fit in at school.  Then one day Kasey begins to act odd: the way she speaks change, her eyes change color, and she becomes threatening.  Is it possible Kasey is just growing up or is there something sinister involved?  This was the Alender’s first novel and it proved that she is a master of the ghost story.  All of her books blend horror and realistic fiction beautifully with real life teen aghast juxtaposed beautifully with  haunted houses and possessed totems leaving the read with an unnerving feeling of “that could really happen”.  Bad Girls Don’t Die is just a creepy, spooky good time.

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson
Rory Deveaux has just been transplanted from her small hometown in Louisiana to a boarding school in England.  However, a new school isn’t the biggest worry in Rory’s life…after nearly choking to death on her first day at school Rory can see ghosts.  Rory’s doesn’t mind her new power until suddenly bodies start turning up without any signs of the killer left behind.  Plus, the murders look familiar…very familiar… the murders look just like the those committed by one of the most famous murderers in London’s history.  Is it possible that the killer is the ghost of Jack the Ripper?  I love Maureen Johnson’s writing.  Her book Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes is still one of my all time favorites.  Plus, I love all stories about serial killer in particular Jack the Ripper. When I add up all the pieces of this one it’s basically perfect.

Sisters of Blood and Spirit by Kady Cross
Lark and Wren are twin sisters and best friends.  They have spent their whole lives doing everything together.  They are the perfect sisters except Wren is dead.  She was born that way but Lark has always had a connection to her sister’s ghost.  A connection that gets her labeled as “The Crazy Girl” because she talks with a girl no one else can see.  In a moment of desperation Lark decides to join her sisters in death but Wren isn’t will to let her give up.  Wren finds, Kevin, a teen who can sees ghost and is able to save Lark and needs her help to save his friends from a dark spirit who has targeted them.  This was just a great ghost story.  There is a bit of a romance mixed with evil spirits and a pinch of sassy female characters which makes it a great read.

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