Halloween Booklist Part 2

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah!

I recently got my horror bulletin board and display up at the library and the books are flying off of the shelves. I made sure to add a few of my favorites, here is a smattering of my favorite horror/scary books.

Coldest Girl in Cold Town by Holly Black

12813630 YAY! Real vampire books. These are not your tweenie-boppers glittery vampires. These vampires eat, infect, and kill you. Vampirism is a disease and towns have been quarantined off to stop the spread of the disease.
After waking up at a party, where everyone has been massacred by vampires, Tana goes on an adventure with Aidan, a recently infected ex-boyfriend, and Gavriel, a really hot vampire. The group heads for the nearest Coldtown, or quarantined town, to help keep the infection under control. This trip forces Tana to confront her darkest fears.

Of the novels I have read by Holly Black, her classic horror stylings are fantastic.   The treachery, plot and characters kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I listened to the novel and simply couldn’t stop, so I alternated between print and audio.

Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

11408650Mara Dyer’s best friend, boyfriend, and his sister have all died. She was the last one to see them and the only one who really knows how their death occurred. However, she can’t remember that night or the events that led up to that night.

Mara is being haunted by her dead friends. She convinces her family to move away, in hopes of alleviating the haunting. However, her problems follow her. Now, at her new school with her problems getting worse and a new boy who won’t leave her alone, Mara is forced to face what happened to her friends..

This novel was compelling, very much like the Rosemary Clement Moore books-only more Gothic and less funny (not in a bad way). This author is the master of double entendre. Its witty and subtle humor is refreshing.  I love creepy little crooked Mara with all of my crooked heart.

25117605Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh
 Ellen Oh can rock a scary book and I absolutely love her writing. While this is a middle-grade novel, I find that the scariest books can be found in the children’s area…probably because kids are scary. This book reads like the Psychic Kids shows or literally any ghost show on A&E. Harper moves into a new house and when her brother starts acting weird, she gets her ghost hunt on to save him.



The Screaming Staircase by Jonathon Stroud
13555073In this book, ghosts are real and they can kill you. However, only children have the power to see and fight the ghosts. Lucy, Lockwood, and George are a paranormal team that take on local paranormal cases. After setting fire to their last customer’s house, Lockwood and Co. needs to come up with a large amount of money to pay for damages. The team takes on a house with a body count that continues to rise. Will they find the source and make it out alive?

This book is great for young teens. It reads similar to Scooby Doo, but is a bit scarier. The characters were fun and funny, mixed with the right amount of paranormal. 

Small Spaces by Katherine Arden
36959639Ollie has been having trouble living, after her family suffered a serious loss. To avoid her grief, she escapes into books. One day, when riding home from school, she finds a strange woman attempting to get rid of an old book in the river. Ollie steals the book and begins learning the creepy story of two brothers, who made deals with the devil. This information becomes more surreal when Ollie’s school field trip takes place at farm where the strange woman is the caretaker and the setting seems to match the one in her new book. Things take a dangerous turn on this field trip when the bus gets stuck heading home and it starts to turn dark. Ollie uses the knowledge from her book to stay alive, with the help of two classmates. She refuses to turn into a scarecrow like her other classmates, she is going to beat this monster. This was a great scary book.

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